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The Golden Urn (Iron Shirt Qi Gong)

Build good structure and balance yin and yang

Holding the Golden Urn

This exercise follows on from Embracing the Tree. During this exercise one strengthens and tones the Qi in both the Yin and Yang meridiens of the body.


About Iron Shirt Qi Gong

The Taoist Masters of old realized that in order to be strong and healthy, humans need to have a balanced flow of Qi and strong physical structure. Our organs, bones, cells and tissues need to be clean of toxins and full of free-flowing Qi (life force) and we need to be able to stand on the ground in alignment with the forces of heaven and earth.

Iron Shirt teaches how to create good structure and posture, which balances and enhances the flow of Qi in our body. During Iron Shirt practice, the tissues and organs in our body also become insulated with layers of Qi, which both protects them from damage and keeps them in their correct position. Thus we create an 'Iron Shirt' (of Qi) in our body.

Iron Shirt also teaches us to root to the ground so that we are properly 'earthed'. This earthing has many benefits, including creating a deep and lasting experience of safety and support.

The structural and physical strength we develop through Iron Shirt Qi Gong also has the added beneficial side-effect of creating strong and healthy mental and emotional strength. Thus, not only do we build our physical stamina, but a total strength throughout all layers of our being.


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