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The Magic of Qi Gong - Free Online Teleseminar

Ancient secrets for health, success and longevity

An introduction to the theory and practice of Qi Gong


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What a fantastic seminar.   I loved every part. I know you did not ask for reviews, but I want you to know how I appreciate that it was clear, professional and well organized.   Also, I felt a very strong Qi field during the session. The content seemed to me to be just the right balance of information and practice.  I look forward to participating in the teleseries.  Thank you so very much Vlado and Kim!” Sarah, USA
“Thanks so much for the excellent seminar.  It came across as extremely well-planned and the slides and talking gave great information.  You covered territory I’m familiar with, but you held my attention anyway!  The Qi field was really palpable, and the exercises worked well”. D. Qigong teacher
“Hi Vlado and Kim, Thank you for including me in your teleseminar. It was wonderful. An inspiration really. It is a great way to make Qigong available to people anywhere in the world”.  Mary, Australia
"I  listened in. It was fantastic!! You guys were great. So amazing for me, i did it in my pjs while my son was sleeping in the next room. So easy. I have registered". Deb



What is so magical about Qi Gong?

The magic of Qi Gong lies in its simplicity and ease. Whilst the practices are simple and easy to learn and use, the benefits are profound. Qi Gong addresses all levels of a person's being simultaneously: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. The techniques have endured and evolved for over 6,000 years, passed down from master to student.

What will you learn on this teleseminar?

On this teleseminar you will get:

Hands-on exercise

Get a first-hand experience of the immediate benefits of a simple and easy-to-learn Qi Gong exercise. We show you 'La Qi' (pulling Qi), a simple self-healing exercise to disperse sick Qi out of the body and replenish it with pure Qi from the Universe.

Who is this teleseminar for?

Anyone interested in learning:

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If you follow the guidance and practices in our upcoming 4 week series you will have a pretty good chance of doing so! How would that change and benefit your life?

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How big is the universe?

During the first session we talk about gathering pure Hun Yuan Qi from the universe. To get an idea of how big the universe really is, watch this 2 minute video and be in awe! (And enjoy the great music too!)



Your teleseminar leaders

Kim Knight - Qi Gong instructor and chronic illness specialist

Kim Knight Qi Gong instructor - Free introductory teleseminar on Qi Gong

Kim started training in Qi Gong and meditation in 2000 and owes her recovery from chronic illness to many of the techniques and philosophies learnt from Qi Gong practice.

Kim has over 20 years experience in natural health, and is professionally trained and accredited in a number of cutting-edge health modalities, of which Qi Gong is one. She works with people individually and in groups to assist them in their health and personal development education.

Vlado Rashev - Master Qi Gong teacher and Qi therapist

Vlado Rashev Qi Gong instructor - Free introductory teleseminar on Qi Gong

With twenty years of experience in a variety of health practices, Vlado has acquired a range of skills and good understanding of the principles behind the natural therapy and alternative medicine.  Learning from extraordinary people and top level masters he developed knowledge of industry best practice.  His scientific background helped him to rationalize the concepts of the ancient cultures and be able to see them also from the perspective of the modern science.

Vlado’s interest in the natural therapies started back in 1990 when he met for the first time people with special healing abilities.  In the next ten years Vlado learned and practiced few different types of meditation, yoga and simple qigong and acquired knowledge and experience in different nutritional and fasting programmes.  In 2002 Vlado became a Reiki practitioner but the pivotal moment in his life happened during the 3 year training he got from Yuan Tze, one of the top level qigong masters nowadays.  That was the time when Vlado became confident that he possesses tools and skills to help people not only to work on and improve certain health conditions but also to change their life as a whole and bring it to a higher level.  Vlado founded the Qigong & Self Healing centre in 2007.

Teleseminar FAQ

For anyone not yet familiar with teleseminars and webinars, these are seminars conducted over the phone and web. A teleseminar or webinar takes internet technology and opens up learning to the world.... and to your home! For more detailed answers on how teleseminars work, please see the FAQ pages on Kim's main website:

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