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Free Teleseminar - Breast and Pelvic Health


Extraordinary healing: heart-warming stories on heart transplants, breast and pelvic health

Free Global Online Teleseminar

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With Senior Universal Healing Tao Instructor Minke de Vos

10-11.30 am Thursday 12 April 2012 NZ 

Remember - it's the day before in USA / Europe!

Listen live or listen later: if you are unable to attend live, as long as you register in advance, you can access the online replay and get the MP3 recording to download

What really happens when a new heart is put inside your body? You’ve probably heard the stories of vegetarians craving their donor’s favourite McDonalds’ meal after a heart transplant. Is it just the physical organ which needs to be accepted by the new body, or could there be more important issues we need to address in order to ensure a successful adaptation?

Here’s your chance to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Minke de Vos will share via global online teleseminar her fascinating step-by-step story of how she harmonized the emotions and beliefs of her heart’s previous owner with her own.

Minke attributes much of her success in integrating the new heart into her body to the ancient Taoist exercises she used to harmonize her own emotions with those of her donor’s.

The Inner Smile meditation cleared hurt and lack of love from the newly arrived heart, allowing the blood flowing through it to match the frequency of all other cells in her body. The ‘Healing Sounds’ meditation cleared emotions such as anger, worry and fear from the liver, spleen and kidneys, allowing the new heart to function co-operatively with her original organs. And breast massage stimulated oxytocin and other healing hormones to ensure her body remained in the parasympathetic nervous response, the body’s natural healing state.

To listen to this extra-ordinary true life story, tune in to the global online event on 12 April 2012 NZ (day before USA/Europe). There will also be the opportunity for live Q&A. The event is accessible online or by phone from anywhere in the world, and even if you cannot make the live seminar you can still register to receive the MP3 recording.

Minke will share generously this amazing story of transformation of her own heart transplant, including how she allowed the new heart to be integrated emotionally and physically into her body. She will also share:

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Win a 2 day workshop valued at $365 with Minke!

For a chance to win a 2 day workshop worth $365 with Minke, register for the above teleseminar and listen in live!

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For a chance to win an Inner Smile teleseries with Universal Tao instructor Kim Knight, register for the above teleseminar and listen in live!

Conditions of entry:
  1. You must register and attend the live teleseminar event above
  2. You must be on the call during the live event
  3. To win the retreat prize, you must be able to attend the Auckland retreat 20-22 April
  4. Tuition will be free (value $365) and you pay for accommodation, food and facilities fee
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