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The Tao of Feminine Health - Workshop / Retreat

Taoist self-healing practices for breast and pelvic wellness

With senior Universal Tao Instructor Minke de Vos

6pm Friday 20 April - 12 noon Sunday 22 April 2012

Aio Wira Retreat Centre, West Auckland

Residential and non-residential options available

Do you want more energy to live your life to the fullest?


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The 'Tao of Feminine Health' Workshop

We urgently need to grow our healing energy to bring more peace, love and harmony to ourselves and the world. With the incidence of AVOIDABLE breast and ovarian cancer at an all time high, it's time to bring these ancient Taoist self-healing practices to the general public.

We can learn healing and rejuvenating exercises to generate and sustain our energy. Specifically designed to maintain feminine reproductive wellness, these techniques have been passed down for over 6000 years and have an excellent track record for helping with difficulties around menstruation, hormonal balance, emotional roller-coastering, hot flashes, incontinence, cancer prevention and more.

The techniques taught in this workshop will help you to:

This is the one workshop I was always too afraid to take but I knew that that was precisely the reason I needed to take it! I’m so glad I did because I am now left with the beautiful, innocent body I was born with. Minke's skillful and gentle teaching made this possible. She has integrated her deep knowledge and wisdom into a work of art. I should recommend her to all of my friends.“
B. Rathje-Papadalus, Transformational Coach 

Overview of Tao of Feminine Health Workshop

Strengthen the pelvic floor

The strengthening of the pelvic floor is important for maintaining the vitality of the interanl organs. When the uterus loses tone, the face and body drops with gravity, creating the "sag and spread syndrome".

Balance hormones

The techniques taught in this workshop will help keep a natural lift in the body, engaging and balancing hormones so our 'hormone factory' does not shut down. These practices help keep you young. You learn to cultivate your innate sexual energy which is the body's natural rejuvenating energy.

Breast and ovarian health maintenance

We will practice breast massage, ovarian massage and ovarian breathing. Massage clears the lymph and improves chi circulation, preventing chi stagnation. It releases anti-aging hormones and oxytocin, the 'love and feel good' hormone.

Clear negativity and fear

Fear is the biggest obstacle to the movement of sexual life force energy in the body. This work gently releases negativity that can be held in the uterus and the breasts. It is a great relief to let go of these limitations as it frees up a tremendous amount of creative energy. If this energy stagnates we can become allergic to our own creative power as it self-destructs.

"Minke's Tao Yoga class was one of the most healing things I've ever done for myself. The movement was all about joy and it felt as though every cell in my body released tension, toxins, and pain. I am grateful that I found this wonderful teacher! Thank you!" Andrea

Limited places, register early!

Click here to check out Minke's FREE teleseminar
on breast and pelvic health, plus her own heart transplant story
Read Minke's article on the Tao of Sexual Energy here


The Inner Smile

Accept yourself deeply and transform negative emotions with the “Inner Smile”. The Inner Smile meditation is a way to make friends with the spiritual and physical intelligence of your vital organs, from which your emotions arise. Feel how your body smiles back! Even your chemistry will change and become less acidic. Practicing the Inner Smile daily provides a regular scheduled time to look inside, to keep in touch with the state of our inner organs, our Chi, our breath and emotions.

The 6 Healing Sounds

Sounding with authentic feeling liberates stagnant and suppressed emotions. This practice brings in high frequency healing energy to clear the organs of negative emotions and grow the virtues of the Five Elements.

Minke: “We will use healing sounds to release emotional stress held in our body. When we sing to our body we open our hearts to our inner song of beauty and love. We will sound with internal power to liberate fear and grow joy, courage and strength.”

Microcosmic Orbit

Circulate Qi in essential energy channels to balance your fire /water, masculine/feminine, yin/yang energies.

Breast Massage

Massaging the breasts moves energy up to the heart and opens this centre of love, joy and compassion. The ancient Taoists called the breasts "Bells of Love" and cauldrons for cultivating compassion. Massage clears the lymph and improves chi circulation, preventing chi stagnation. It releases anti- aging hormones and oxytocin, the love and feel good hormone.

Ovarian Massage

Warms the chi in your “Stove” and awakens your enjoyment of life. The warm chi helps to prevent menstrual cramps and weak digestive fire.

Ovarian Breathing

Beneficial for women at all stages of their lives, including practices for easing menstruation and menopause. The "Ovarian Palace" is the place of internal creative power. We will breathe and circulate this energy upward to the energy centres of the body.

Tao Yoga

Deep breathing in various flowing postures opens and rejuvenates the body. Unwind the “Psoas, the Muscle of the Soul”.

Tao Yoga are exercises for rejuvenation, health and longevity. Starting with full body breathing the workshop moves through a series of exercises which activate the meridians governing the various organs. The importance of the various vertebrae groups of the spine are emphasized and strengthened. Grow tendon elasticity to enhance your flexibility.

Bone Breathing

The Bones are transpersonal instruments, which channel the energy of the earth and the heavens. They are like quartz crystals in radios that tune into celestial sound. When we consciously breathe in sound we can release trauma held in our structure and allow harmonious sound to vibrate into the core of our being.

Practice Bone Breathing Qigong to cultivate the depth of yin flow and yang structure. Clean the bone marrow and stimulate the growth of new blood. Penetrate chi into your bones to build internal power and stable rooting. Cleanse the blood and bone marrow.

Bone breathing helps to:

• Penetrate chi and sound vibration into your bones to build internal power and rooting.
• Empower your posture with heightened awareness of our heaven-earth alignment
• Release internal knots with unwinding, spontaneous movement

Kidney Breathing

Build internal reserves of energy and endurance by recharging the “batteries of the body”. Calms the body mind.

Sleeping Qigong

Learn the art of surrendering to the yin, dive into deep calm rest.

Limited places, register early!

Click here to check out Minke's FREE teleseminar on 12 April
on breast and pelvic health, plus her own heart transplant story

Warm Up exercises

A range of morning Qigong warm-up exercises including:

Qi Self-Massage

Give loving attention to your body with stretching, massaging, acupressure and tapping.

Shaking and Tapping

Release stagnation in the breasts and belly, invigorate chi flow and loosen the joints.

Spiralling the Sacrum

Allow the earth force to move up your spine.

Chest and Hip Openers

Free the body with awareness through movement.

Deep Earth Pulsing

Feel the pulse of the earth and allow it to nourish your body.

Water Wheel

Move your creative energy in a pumping, rocking action.

Swimming Dragon Qigong

Weave life force energy though all the glands.

Limited places, register early!

About your teacher Minke de Vos

Minka de Vos, Senior Universal Tao Instructor and Medical Qigong Therapist, is known as one of the top international teachers of Healing Qigong and Tao Tantra. She has worked alongside of Taoist Master Mantak Chia for over 25 years.

Director of Silent Ground Retreats, she teaches internationally and has devoted over 20 years to the practice of internal arts. She has a wide range of energetic and spiritual skills and an international reputation as a top teacher of chi kung, self-healing and women's sexuality. Practitioners of all levels benefit from her creative teaching style, with its focus on living a vital, loving and passionate life.

She is the author of “Feminine Treasures" and "Heart Qigong".


Minke's Books, CDs and DVDs

Minke's Products will be available for purchase at the workshop including:

Feminine Treasures (book) The Tao Basics (CD)
Bells of Love (CD) Heart Chi Kung (DVD)


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