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Tao Health Qi Gong Joint Venture Programs


Greetings and welcome to the Tao Health Qi Gong affiliate information page, where we are into creating win-win-win situations (you, us and the client). If you resonate with the work of Tao Health Qi Gong, and would like to spread the word and receive monetary appreciation for doing so, you are invited to join our affiliate referral programs.

The keys to a successful JV program

The success of a joint venture (JV) program rests on two key criteria:

  1. Your genuine interest and belief in the product, service and service provider
  2. Your interest and desire to generate passive income

So, if you feel you genuinely love the work we do, and want to earn residual income...

Scroll down to see how it all works and for current affiliate programs

How to sign up to become an affiliate and earn revenue on referrals:

Step 1: Join the affiliate program

Click on the 'Affiliate sign up page' link for the relevant event and you will be guided step-by-step to sign up for the affiliate referral program. This will take about 5 minutes and is very easy.

Step 2: Promote the event via social media, enews, website etc

Once you have generated your own unique affiliate code, you must use this unique link when you promote the event (on Facebook, Twitter, your enews or website etc) so that anyone registering from your promotion is tracked.

Step 3: Get paid!

Once the event is over, you will receive your affiliate referral fee for any tickets sold from your promotion. Please note you will need a paypal account to be paid.

It's that easy!

Thank you for supporting Tao Health to create a win-win-win (for you, for Tao Health and for the participants).


Current affiliate events:

Event: Magic of Qi Gong teleseminar series

March 2012

4 week Magic of Qi Gong teleseries overview page (paid event- tickets priced NZD $47-$197)

(if for any reason above link does not work, please go to this page instead).

Affiliate referral fee: 50% of ticket price

Affiliate sign up page: join the Magic of Qi gong affiliate referral program

Banner for Magic of Qi Gong 4 week event:

Banner for Magic of Qigong 4 week teleseries


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Sign up to the affiliate partner list and be kept informed of upcoming joint ventures

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