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About Tao Health Qi Gong


About Tao Health

Tao Health is the medical Qi Gong branch of the 'Art of Health' education and therapy practice of Kim Knight. Kim is based in Auckland, New Zealand and works worldwide with clients.

Tao Health offers a number of Qi Gong learning options, including:

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About Kim

Kim works as a health and life coach specializing in helping people to:

  1. Identify the absolute root causes of disease, and then empowering them with guidance, tools and strategies to bring themselves back to health.

  2. Transform their lives from what they don't want to what they do want by clearing blocks to happiness and success at a root causal level. The cutting-edge strategies she uses can be applied to any life area, such as health, work, relationships, family, finances and more.

Kim has been studying Qigong since 2000 when she found it to be enormously effective in her recovery from chronic fatigue and clinical depression. She studied and used the practices of the Universal Healing Tao of Master Mantak Chia for 10 years, and since 2009 has been intensively studying Ren Xue (Human Life Science) and Qigong with Master Yuan Tze.

In 2011 Kim was a finalist for New Zealand Woman of the Year for innovation and contribution to health and science.

In 2012 her chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia teleseries was nominated for the prestigious Waitemata Health Excellence Award.

Kim has a passion for empowering people with the tools to look after their health and wellbeing, and has particular skills in emotional intelligence, emotional mastery and recovery from illness without medication.


Associations and Accreditation

Tao Health Qi Gong - member of the New Zealand Qi Gong and Chinese Medicine Association

Kim is a member of the NZ Qi Gong and Chinese Medicine Association, and is an accredited Universal Healing Tao and Zhineng Qi Gong instructor.

She is also currently on the committee of the New Zealand Qi Gong and Chinese Medicine Association.

Read more about Kim's Qi Gong training, experience and qualifications here.



Kim Knight - nominated for NZ Woman of the Year

In 2011 Kim was nominated for NZ Woman of the Year for her contribution in the arena of health and science.

You can read more about her work on her main website The Art of Health


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