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Introduction to Qi Gong


What is Qi Gong?

Qigong is a product of traditional wisdom culture and is an important tool for improving health, clearing illness and developing one's potential.

The term 'Qigong' first appeared in the book 'Jing Ming Zong Jiao Lu' around 400 AD.

Qi is the most basic building block of everything in the universe; scientifically each Qi particle contains a miniscule amount of mass, energy and information.

Qi Gong literally translates as to cultivate or work on '(gong') one's life force energy ('Qi').

Qi Gong (also spelled Chi Kung) is a powerful system of healing and energy medicine which has been used for thousands of years in China.

It is the art and science of using gentle movement, breathing and meditation techniques to purify, strengthen, upgrade and circulate life energy (Qi) in the body. Qi Gong works on the fundamental life force of the body - known as Qi - from which all physical phenomena in the body (ie, the cells, tissues, organs, blood, bones) are derived. By working at the level of 'Qi' we are therefore addressing all parts of the body simultaneously.

It also works to balance emotions and sharpen the mind. The benefits of Qigong are multitudinous, and regular practice leads to improved health and vitality in all areas of our life.

In order to fully understand the effectiveness of Qi Gong, we must understand the meaning of 'Qi':


What is Qi?

Qi is energy impregnated with information - Intelligent Life Force!

A scientific description of Qi is: Energy + Information + Mass. Why is this significant?

Qi is the fundamental substance of our being, and makes up all layers of our being, including our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves. Therefore the quality and quantity of Qi in our body will determine our level of mental ability, emotional equilibrium and physical wellbeing, ie, the overall state of our health.

Qi is infinitissimly fine matter or mass. Qi can transform into matter, and matter can transform into Qi.

Qi is also much more than than just 'energy' - it is intelligent energy because it contains information.

And what is this 'information'? It comprises all the beliefs, patterns and habits which we either consciously or unconsciously use to run our life. It also includes emotional energy stored in the body from events in our life, whether they be positive or negative.

Therefore the quality of our beliefs and emotions will determine the quality of our Qi.

Qi Gong ('cultivation of life force energy') works to upgrade the quality and quantity of Qi (energy and information) in our body, which results in better health.


"The vital essence of all things
It is this that brings them to life.
It generates the five grains below
And becomes the constellated stars above.

When flowing amid the heavens and the earth
We call it ghostly and numinous.
When installed within the chests of human beings,
We call them sages.

Therefore this vital energy is:
Bright! - as if ascending the heavens;
Dark! - as if entering an abyss;
Vast! - as if dwelling in an ocean;
Lofty! - as if dwelling on a mountain peak.

Therefore this vital energy
Cannot be halted by force,
Yet can be secured by inner power
Cannot be summoned by speech,
Yet can be welcomed by the awareness.

Reverently hold onto it and do not lose it:
This is called “developing inner power”.
When inner power develops and wisdom emerges,
The myriad things will, to the last one, be grasped."

Excerpt from 'Inward Training' (Nei-Yeh), a poem found in the Kuan Tzu, The Original Tao. translated by Harold D Roth, a text which the author thinks may predate the Tao Te Ching.

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