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Welcome to Tao Health Qigong!

My name is Kim Knight, Director of Tao Health Qigong and The Art of Health.

I have been learning and practising Qigong since 2000 when it turned my life around from chronic illness. I honestly believe if I had not come across Qigong, or something equally effective, I might not be here!

I am passionate about teaching people how to prevent illness, maintain health and elevate their life. Please browse through the website and contact me if you have any queries :)

Qigong - The Benefits

In this video I share my story of how I overcame years of chronic illness through learning the principles and practices of Qigong. Plus I explain some of the core health and wellbeing benefits. (nb, if you want to skip straight to the 'benefits' section, it starts around 14.40)

What is Qigong?

Qigong (also known as Chi Kung) is a self-training method which uses the mind, breathe, posture and movement to effect ongoing positive changes in Qi (energy and information) in order to improve health and elevate consciousnses.

Qigong has been practised and passed down for millennia in China. Many of the exercises were secret for thousands of years, and now this knowledge is here for modern man. Are you ready to uplift your life? If so, read on!

Yuan Gong Demonstration Video



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What is Qi Gong?

What is Qi Gong?

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