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The Universal Healing Tao of Mantak Chia


Ancient Wisdom for a Modern World

Introduction to Universal Healing Tao Qi Gong

The Universal Healing Tao is a system of self-healing and personal development based on ancient Taoist methods which include a variety of meditation and Qi Gong (energy management) techniques.

The practices have been passed down in an unbroken lineage for centuries and were brought to the West in the 1970's by Master Mantak Chia. Since then thousands of people have been learning these techniques to transform their lives.

The practices of the ''Universal Healing Tao' system provide a step-by-step progession of practices from beginner to advanced level, each technique building on the next.

Looking inwards for answers

Despite the fact that many people judge themselves and their success on factors such as financial statues, career and status symbols such as cars and houses, the truth of the matter is these things do not ultimately bring us lasting happiness.

At some point in our lives, either through an inner calling or through traumatic or difficult life circumstances, it will dawn on us that health goes far beyond these 21st century concepts. The ancient teachers knew that true happiness comes from within, as a result of being balanced and healthy in all levels of our being.

Universal Healing Tao instruction provides a complete set of practical tools to assist you in connecting deep within emotionally, mentally and physically, so that you get to know yourself from the inside out.

According to Master Chia, whether a complete novice or an intermediate wandering truth-seeker, you already have the resources in you that you need to reach your true goals. Most of the time, we just need some guidance, and the practices of the Universal Healing Tao give you tried and tested techniques to assist you in moving along your life path.

Universal Healing Tao Instructor Kim Knight
with Master Chia in Tao Garden 2008

The practices

There are a number of practices within the Universal Healing Tao system, starting with the foundation practices, progressing on to intermediate practices and when ready on to advanced practices. Whilst each level brings immediate benefits, it takes years of practice to become a true master of these exercises, and most people will need a lifetime just to master the foundation level.

Kim is a fully certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor of all foundation level practices.

Overview of Foundation Practices of the Universal Healing Tao