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Benefits of Qi Gong


How can Qi Gong enhance your life?

Benefits of Qi Gong practice

Qi Gong exercises give you a toolbox of practical and easy-to-use techniques to help you to look after your own health on all levels.

Health improvements

Qi Gong is extraordinarily beneficial for health:

On a physical level Qi Gong will help to:

On a mental / emotional level Qi Gong will help to:

Stress management

Qi Gong exercises:

Balance emotions

Many people are not aware that emotional energy is stored in the organs and that negative emotions drain our energy reserves and damage organ Qi. And our internal organs are what are keeping us alive! It is therefore imperative that we learn how to stay balanced emotionally.

Qi Gong exercises work to clear and balance negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear and worry, whilst growing positive 'virtues' such as joy, compassion and generosity. Regular Qi Gong practice allows one to experience more and more a continuous state of calm inside, so that we are not disrupted by external events. Whilst it does take training, it is possible!

Improve mental performance

Qi Gong exercises use the mind during practice in a very specific way. This focus and concentration automatically improves our clarity, mental focus and brain power.

Illness prevention

Believe it or not, our natural state is to be healthy. Illness comes as a result of not looking after ourselves and going against the 'laws of life' through unhealthy living habits, being emotional and being in a perpetual state of stress.

Qi Gong helps bring the body back to its natural state of good state of health, which is synonymous with (ie, equal to) preventing illness.

Illness recovery

Qi Gong is very effective in stimulating the natural, self-healing response of the body. Regular practice can assist in the recovery of many stubborn complaints and chronic, long-term illnesses.

Anti-ageing benefits

Qi Gong reverses the ageing process in the body, which is why most Qi Gong masters look years younger than their age! Rather than slathering on body products to 'reduce your age', true anti-ageing comes from within through looking after oneself.

Client feedback from benefits of Qi Gong practice

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