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How people are benefiting from Qi Gong


Client feedback

Success stories from practising Qi Gong

"By the end of this wonderful workshop, I was breathing fully, deeply and unencumbered, with a strong sense of being earthed and connected to all. Kim held a safe, nurturing space and has the ability to clearly describe the more subtle aspects of life energy". 

PM, Melbourne, Australia

"I have learnt much more about how my body feels from the inside, and also increased my loving connection with individual organs. It helped me to be kinder to my body. Kim is a skillful and passionate presenter, with an excellent professional approach. Thanks! "

AA, Shiatsu Practitioner

“I feel really great after the exercises. It makes me feel more relaxed, and it’s helped me a lot physically and mentally with my health”.  

Sandra, Zhineng Qi Gong class

Kim has a passionate and dedicated approach to self-healing through personal experience "

JH, Naturopath

"Very interesting and immediately useful "

TH, Massage Therapist

I had a great awakening on the first evening. I feel very inspired and positive. I felt my connection to the planet for the first time! Thanks!  

BH, New Zealand

It was good to focus on my body and feel my organs rather than studying them from pictures! And it's good to be reminded of the body's intelligence. 

SH, Auckland

"I'm now very interested to do the Fundamentals practitioner training in the future. I came in with a headache, feeling awful - after the workshop I felt fabulous, energy restored, headache gone. Thanks!".

AF, Aromatherapist

"I gained a lot from the quality of touch and intention behind touch in your workshop. Thank-you."

PH, Massage Therapist

"Thank you for putting me on the path towards recovery. It is helping me tremendously.  I  am feeling a lot better and less nauseas in just two days of practice".

JT, Auckland

Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Qi Gong)

(Please note Kim no longer offers Chi Nei Tsang)

"It was invaluable. Your treatment left me speechless and I often talk about it"

NH, Australia

"It's like magic on my stomach"

BH, Auckland

"I had a fantastic session and am already feeling heaps better energy wise! 

HH, Auckland

"I just would like to say thank you for your treatment you gave me. It had quite an impact. It seemed like my whole body got scanned. All my week points - except the digestion area, starting with my knees and finishing off with my sinus, felt quite weird. The next day I was all back to normal and my tummy area feels definitely much more relaxed now. Thanks again and I will try a few of the techniques, especially the breathing.

PJ, Southland

"Thank you again for seeing me. It was a powerful experience and incredibly positive."

LY, Nutritonalist