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The science of how to develop life

Zhineng Qi Gong Ren Xue Life Science

(Excerpt from article by Melissa Kung, Yuan Tze Centre

"From the viewpoint of Ren Xue, people's knowledge of life, especially human consciousness is still very limited. In terms of health, we have very little understanding, and actually much misunderstanding, about the laws of health.

In Ren Xue, Qigong is used as a major way of developing the potential of a human life. With the teachings passed down from generations of realised beings (saints and sages), Qigong is an inward seeking method which enables us to know ourselves, break the attachment of human life, and understand the truth of health and life. Hence the dream of achieving optimal health, true happiness, freedom, and high level of well being will gradually come true.

Ren Xue has absorbed the essence of a range of disciplines in Chinese culture, including Daoism, Qigong, Buddhism, Confucianism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, folk medicine, I Ching and martial arts. It has also incorporated the achievements of modern culture in science, philosophy and medicine.

Ren Xue looks at life at the fundamental level so that problems of all sorts, including health problems, can be better understood and practical solutions developed. Understanding the law of life is essential in helping us live in a way that follows this law. Ignorance of the law of life can manifest in every aspect of our lives including our consciousness and everything we do. This can result in suffering including illnesses. It is not hard to understand why the health of society as a whole can suffer when so many individuals are suffering through ignorance of the law of life".

Distinctive approach to life and its problems:

In Ren Xue Zhineng Qi Gong:

If we really want to deal with the problems of life at the fundamental level or help others to do so, we have to work on all aspects of life at all levels. Otherwise, the effort we make to improve life can result only in superficial changes.

Qigong has developed and established itself as a comprehensive and profound way both of understanding life and the universe and of elevating life. It is therefore an essential part of Ren Xue. The Qigong Teachers and Therapists Training Programme aims not only to help people to become high level qigong practitioners and professionals but also to elevate the life of each participant. It presents an opportunity to learn Ren Xue in a comprehensive and systematic way.